This is where the rubber literally meets the road and when you’re looking at your car’s performance from the ground up, your tires are a good place to start. Consider us your tire experts because if you’re looking for performance, we have tires for that, if you want durability we have those as well. Stop on by and we’ll help you select tires that best suit the demands of your daily commute or weekend hobbies.

Properly maintained tires means you’ll have traction when you need it keeping you safe during the rainy season. Getting your tires check by Zimmerman’s will also prevent you from having partially deflated tires which can severely cut into your miles per gallon. You’ll find yourself at the pump more often for as long as you’re riding on low tires.
Maintaining your wheels and tires will also help avoid other issues that can arise in your steering and suspension systems. Come to Zimmerman’s Auto Repair where we offer several services for your tires, including:

Tire Rotation Newville, PA

A tire rotation commonly consists of removing the wheels and moving the front tires to the rear and the rear tires to the front. A vehicle’s tires do not wear at the same rate, so rotating the tires will help prolong their life
When the tires are rotated, they are checked for proper inflation and for any damage that might affect the safety of your vehicle. Damage or deterioration on the inside tread wall might never be seen unless the tire is rotated.
When the tires are rotated, the brakes and suspension are exposed and can be observed for wear and safety. This is one way to nip a brake problem in its beginning stages before it becomes a safety risk.

Wheel Alignment Newville, PA

Early signs of alignment wear can be detected during the rotation and addressed in order to prolong the life of the tires. This will help prevent uneven wear and tear on your tires, suspension and braking system.
The purpose of an anti-lock brake system (ABS) is to prevent the wheels from locking up or skidding during braking. If the brakes lock up, the vehicle takes longer to stop and the ability to steer the vehicle is greatly diminished.
A Wheel alignment is a check of a vehicle’s suspension and steering angles to make sure they are properly adjusted. Suspension and steering components that are even slightly out of adjustment can cause abnormal tire wear and/or prevent your vehicle from driving straight down the road.