All drivers know that to stop a car, you press the brake pedal. Well MOST do anyways! But how does the pedal make the vehicle stop? Brake systems slow and stop the vehicle by applying pressure to rotating brake discs and/or brake drums, which are attached to each wheel. We service disc brakes, drum brakes, and your anti-lock brake system so you can have peace of mind on the road.

Functional brakes are essential for optimum safety. To extend the life of your vehicle’s brakes, it’s important that you apply them gently whenever possible and have them regularly inspected by a professional auto mechanic at Zimmerman’s Auto Repair. Learning about the different kinds of brakes and determining which kind you have can further help you take good care of your brakes.

Disc Brakes Newville, PA

A disc brake system consists of calipers with two disc-like brake pads on either side of a rotor. When you apply the brake, pressurized brake fluid causes the pistons to push the discs into the rotor, using friction to slow the vehicle down. There are two kinds of brake calipers: floating and fixed. Floating calipers are the most common.

Drum Brakes Newville, PA

Drum brakes are located inside the wheels. Though they look very different, drum brakes and disc brakes operate in a similar fashion. Like disc brakes, drum brakes use a piston to move brake components, which slow the vehicle through friction. However, drum brakes use circular “shoes” instead of disc-like brake pads. Drum brakes are commonly installed on rear wheels, while disc brakes are more common on front wheels.

Parking Brake Newville, PA

There are a few different kinds of parking brakes, including conventional drum brakes, actuator calipers, and drum-in-hat systems. The basic function of all parking brakes is to prevent the vehicle from moving while the brake is engaged. A conventional drum parking brake forces the secondary shoes against the drum, and the resulting friction prevents the wheels from moving.

Anti-Lock Brakes Newville, PA

If you apply the brakes in a vehicle without anti-lock brakes, the wheels might skid, causing you to lose control. Anti-lock brakes are designed to prevent the wheels from skidding, which is ideal for stopping quicker and maintaining control. If you have any questions about your vehicle’s braking system, come by Zimmerman’s Auto Repair. We offer swift and effective auto repair services for car owners in Newville, PA.